About the Author – DAN O’NEILL



Dan O’Neill was born and raised in San Francisco and educated at St. Mary’s College and U.C. Berkeley.  He moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, 40 years ago.  There, he studied creative writing, worked construction jobs, built log cabins, hunted, fished, trapped, and ran dogs.  He once ran his team 800 miles to Nome on the Bering Sea coast.  For about ten years, he was research associate at the University of Alaska’s Oral History Program, where he wrote books and produced radio and television documentaries for public broadcasting.  For several years he wrote a column of political opinion for the Fairbanks daily newspaper.  He is married, has a son and three grandchildren, and splits time between Fairbanks, Alaska, and Bellingham, Washington.

Dan’s Other Books

A Land Gone Lonesome is a work of literary travel writing about a canoe trip along the Yukon River.  The Alaska Library Association selected it as 2006’s best book on Alaska, published anywhere.  It was awarded an “Editor’s Choice.” by TheNew York Times Book Review.  [Buy Now]

 The Firecracker Boys also won the Alaska Library Association’s best book award.  The Alaska Historical society named Dan Alaska Historian of the Year and listed the book as one of the most important nonfiction books ever written about Alaska.  [Buy Now]

 The Last Giant of Beringia blends the biography of a unique scholar with an explication of his scientific work on the Bering Land Bridge.  The Times (London) called it “a beautiful and engrossing book…a wonderful integration of science and history.”   [Buy Now]

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