A Rip-Roaring Story!!! 

This is the true story of a 60-mile sled dog race and a young woman determined—if not precisely qualified—to run it.  Sarah had never competed in a dog race before and never run a big string of dogs.  But when a race official strongly discourages her from signing up, she resolves to enter.  To answer the patronizing naysayers and finish the race respectably, she must learn how to control a dog team twice as large as any she has ever run.  And she has three days to do it.  The result surprises everyone, even Sarah.

The tale is rousing.  Rip-roaring, even.  And it is narrated by a gruff old grandpa.  But withal, the final experience is poignant.  While it delivers an important social message to do with tenacity and courage and modesty (as distinct from pugnacity and egotism), a surprise ending rounds it off as a rather affecting commemoration of shared experience and filial piety.

“Dan O’Neill’s Stubborn Gal is a terrific, true story that will surely delight both children and the adults who read it with them.  The lively text delivers life lessons about independence, persistence, and grace with a light hand and good humor, and the illustrations by Klara Maisch are both beautiful and true to Alaska.  Highly recommended!”

—Nancy Lord

Alaska Writer Laureate, 2008-2010

 “Sometimes you just have to take a chance.  STUBBORN GAL is the true story of an Alaska gal who mulishly persisted through many hard-learned rookie mistakes.  A window into the Alaskan lifestyle, a real adventure!”

—Libby Riddles

First woman to win Iditarod

“Dan O’Neill, one of my favorite authors, has written a charming rugged tough Alaskan girl story, complete with determination, inspiration and spirited artwork.”

—Seth Kantner

Author of Ordinary Wolves

“A team of huskies can run 60 miles in freezing temperatures and pull a sled through soft snow, but it’s not easy.  The musher has to be PREPARED!  The dogs must be in top condition . . . and the musher has to be tough-minded and cool under pressure to just FINISH.  But to WIN, well, that’s the great story of Stubborn Gal.“

—Joe Runyan

The first musher to win both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod